Novak Djokovic will Never be Roger Federer

Please respond, if you are a Djokovic fan. I would love to tell you why.

OK; I will tell you – in part – “why,” now. … While watching another match at this year’s US Open – featuring my darling Christina McHale (don’t even exactly know why; I just love her to pieces!), the commentator says, “both players, at this time of day, now have to contend with *shadows* – that start to creep across the court.” And it reminded me of Roger Federer’s iconic shirt. THE most iconic shirt of the Great man’s career – the shirt which he wore at the 2017 Australian Open. He explained the reasoning for the design (whose design I know not, but I am sure that, whoever it was, Nike does not deserve him, as Nike is a soulless machine – more like monster – which only cares about money. They did not EVER deserve someone like Roger Federer, and I am boycotting Nike with a vengeance ever since the quasi war that the country in which they are manufactured has viciously, soullessly waged against the Greatest country on earth – my country, but even if it weren’t my country you KNOW I would boycott Nike for the above-named reasons. Lucky for me, I love Asics tennis shoes just as much, and their customer service is a thousand times better than that of Nike). …. Anyhow! Federer’s shirt that year was designed by someone – some beautiful-hearted artist, like himself – who was inspired by the theme of *shadows* – the shadows that come across the court, even – I believe he said. But the interesting and uncanny aspect comes into play when you consider how Federer, at that point of his career, was indeed dealing with shadows of the mind and heart; of the soul. He admitted that he had no expectations for that Australian Open, which tells me, considering his long 6 month layoff for a major injury to his knee, that he was not sure of his future in tennis: it tells me he was dwelling in the shadows of the soul of a tennis player such as himself. Will those shadows soon eclipse his life and career as a professional tennis player? Will he be forced to walk off into the darkness of the unknown, a farewell to the sunlight of the brightest career in tennis history.

Well, I noticed something interesting during tonight’s match between Djokovic and the future star (he is going to be awesome; and what a guy! what a kid. I love him): Holger Rune. Djokovic’s shirts was – not quite a “shadows” theme, but very clearly an explicit “SHADES” theme. This is very interesting, considering the above-mentioned Federer shirt. It is not secret that Djokovic envies Federer. Could that explain the shirt? As he attempts to pass Roger in total Majors? … I don’t know; I think there could be something unconscious/uncanny/preternatural at work there. But what i DO unequivocally know, is that Djokovic will indeed NEVER be Roger Federer. Even if he wins 25 Majors (I am sure that will not be enough for him, and his fans, though), he will never be Roger. Ever. Federer is a better person than he is a tennis player. That’s not even what I mean to say. I am not trying to bitterly whine about Djokovic being a wife-cheater and being arrogant, and how he screams at the crowd to “lick his [you know what]” after he wins a big set. I am arguing, here, that FEDERER is a Divine human being. And it is damn sad that someone – anyone! but especially someone like Djokovic – is on the verge of passing Federer’s Majors record, and thus being able to maliciously say that HE is the G.O.A.T., and all the shallow tennis pundits stupidly grinning and fawning and nodding their heads. No! It does not matter if Djokovic wins 25! He will never be the Great One. That is Federer. (I will even say “that is Federer, and his partner, Nadal – because I realize Nadal is also darn near a Divine man. But I am no Nadal fan, in fact I relished seeing Federer overcome his Nadal complex at the end of his career. Federer never did have a Djokovic complex. They always played very even matches. I don’t want to be “one of those guys,” but I do think that if Federer were the same age as Djokovic, he would have a better record against him than he does now. Maybe just by a couple matches, but probably they would be a couple of the big ones. … REGARDLESS!: Federer is in a different category than Djokovic. I admit that I hope Djokovic does not win the US Open – and I would of course LOVE to see Federer come back and play in another Major – just PLAY in it – but as I said: even if Djokovic wins 25, Federer will still be “The Great One.” Sorry to hurt your feelings, Serbian fans. Suck it up; the sun will come up again tomorrow.

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