China’s “ice city”

quick post, here. I wrote this on a social media site, then decided to upload it here too. May add to it later (preferably when I have a laptop again! This phone keyboard is challenging).

China’s “ice city,” Harbin, one of the coldest cities on earth, and home to … 10 MILLION people! … Do an image search: it’s absolutely fascinating what a civilization of people can accomplish. I have always found Chinese *people* to be great (just not the CCP). It struck me as odd and paradoxical, looking at these images, that such a people could have enough desire to focus on, and derail our country, which is less populous and (I can admit) less advanced in many ways. Look at their cities. Why would they feel the need, the itch, to bitterly and vindictively smite us. Probably I just don’t know enough about it; don’t have enough understanding. I do know, however, that – despite our “less refined” society/ies, we are Great in an extraordinary and unimpeachable way – thanks only to God. We are Great because we are founded on Christian principles; on Jesus. If China or any other country disagrees with that – WE DONT CARE. Go ahead and leave us alone. …. But there is of course something irresistible about Jesus, and people who know Him. He is the one and only son of God. It’s a pity that the fascinating people and society that created this “ice city” are also too proud to know Him. I mean, I don’t know if it’s pride, and if they are incapable of knowing Him. I hope they can, and will, though. I despise the CCP, but have found every Chinese American that I have come across to be very lovely people!

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