Response to the Special Treatment of Top Tennis Players at the Australian Open

Well, I wrote this for my Facebook – wait! I forgot: I closed that (or – I was banned for 30 days for suggesting the you know what last November was fixed); I wrote this for my GAB page, but it’s taking a while to load. So I figured – why not? I will post it on my blog. Please excuse the many typos – I am writing on a phone keypad, as my laptop completely crash3d. …. So here goes. Copy ans pasting … Now!


Absolutely disgusting of Nadal (who some fans refer to as “Na-dull”) to not speak out against this disrespect to other players, to the sport of tennis, and to common human rights. Not only did he not even say “I’m not a fan of the rule” nut he even took the phony “high road” by saying he can only take the road of peace. Lmao. Nice metaphor usage, Nadal. I can totally picturing you taking a glaring, twitchy stroll down this “road of peace” – your own private boulevard thru La La Land. And think about how this new rule is almost obviously to spite Federer who chose to nix the Australian Open because of all the draconian regulations for a fake pandemic. These are very scary times, folks. The monsters in the 1% (more like .1%) Are trying to control the world like no one couls have even imagined on books! Federer really should hold his own tourbament (as long as he plays) in his backyard, and email the taped footage to paying customers. He’d give the Australian Open a run for its money. I can easily speak for myself in saying I do not watch tennis – even the Majors – when Federer is not playing. I think probably, oh … 20% of tennis fans are the same way. Maybe more! Because probably half the tennis fans worldwidw are Federer fans. And probably at least half, or more like 3/4 won’t watch when Fed is not in the tourney. Therefore, about. 33% of all tennis viewers would be watching this hypothetical Federer tournament INSTEAD of the Australian Open.

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