January 6, 2021

ok. I don’t like being controversial, and I hope I don’t offend you, reader, but I have decided to put this – a social media post – onto my blog. I must warn you right now, it is utterly incendiary. …

I don’t write so effusively too too often lately, so I thought I should make us of it. Hehe. It’s also a really major topic at this point in history, and I am honestly both sad and angry, and also slightly scared. Oh I hope I haven’t any reason to be! … If you feel differently you are welcome to rant at me – I can take it. Please know that I am angry only because of the detriment to the country that I love and consider myself very lucky to have been born in.

(PS please forgive any typos. I blame them on my tiny phone keyboard + autocorrect. My laptop broke and all I have right now is my phone. Which I am thankful to have).


The post:

As they wait for President Trump come out to make a quick speech the song “Hallelujah” is playing on the loudspeakers, the breeze is ruffling through and that beautiful building, the White House, sits in the background. It finally hit me how special this place is. I always associate it with slimeball politicians, but it took a rare moment of insight to perceive the distant seed of sacredness in this place, the capital of this country. I think deep down even someone like Nancy pillosey strives to grab a handful of the essence of the magic of this place. She has of course fallen WAYYYY short of that, as so many others have. Fallen on her face, and mussed up her $5000 suit, gavel held up proudly in her fist. She knows, or knew at one point a long time ago, that she was not worthy of residing in the capital of this hallowed nation. Her pride has scarred over that cut to her ego a million times over to create the ugly ghoulish clown we see today (forgive if you care Nancy Pelosi and I am offending you; I do Pologize; but I also know that no one actually thinks she is a decent person). Anyways, it dawned on me that …. It was probably always easy enough to commit voter fraud in this country. But you see, no one wanted to spoil such a hallowed country. The Greatest on eartb. … Until now. Democrat commoners should wake up and realize how much Barack Obooma ***HATES***  this country. (I know, I know: that is quite a claim, and the burden of proof is on me for making it. … Ok. Stick around; I can give you boatloads of evidence. But you see, y’all just plug your ears cover your eyes and keep the delusion in your m8nd, formed by this sinister sorcerer-like man of hate and his silver tongue. You are not “woke” at all). At any rate, it was never until now that ANYONE – not even Joe friekin Biden, and he’s a child molester! – could feel enough utter disrespect and disregard for this beautiful country and it’s divine ideals enough to absolutely SHIT on it and commit rampant voter fraud to steal the presidency. And the worst part is that he did so in order to KEEP shitting on it – for 8 years+ (and the bastard has a lot stored up over 4 years, trust me). THAT is why we are especially pissed and honestly? Scared; I am a little scared. Because the bastard is not going to be taking any of the blame for the destruction he cooks up. The dumb old WHITE man is going to take the credit for it. The great3st enemy of America is going to be pulling the strings, with no one noticing and holding him even slightly accountable, as he slithers around behind the scenes. We shoulda stomped on the head of that snake. Hope you like having your wealth redistributed for “climate change,” liberals.

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