Amendation to the post, “Two Orange Cats at Play”

Hello, reader. This will not be a long post, only intended as a quick amendation (apparently, the red squiggly line tells me, that is not a word – oh well; you get me) an amendation to this earlier post, but only to add (and this is probably more exciting and beautiful than I can currently comprehend) an ACTUAL photo of the cat I was writing of in this, one of my favorite written scenes ever. Not just in my blog, but ever. And I do not know if I captured it well, but it was an utterly gorgeous, exultant moment I had witnessed that night: Quotidian Romanticism! (Do not you just love the English language, Reader?) …. Anyways, yes, the photo you see for my Orange Cats post was simply an internet search result – a very good one! but generic only. And now I have the genuine article! šŸ˜€ And oh! Reader! … she is such a sweet cat. It brings a tear to my eye; for I am unable, by law, to allow her into my apartment. I pray to be able to, somehow, though. I am sure there is a way, absolutely sure. … it’s ironic: I do not know about the second of the “two orange cats.” I have to presume that the lovely creature has perished. Don’t worry, though, Reader. “All cats go to Heaven,” too.

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