On Spontaneity and Inspiration

Well, I haven’t written an entry in so long that I don’t know if I even still can. Forgive me if this turns out to be incoherent. I haven’t been overly inspired to write anything lately, but I have been lightly inspired by a few things. One of these things I was reminded of when I just recently saw the Thoreau quote, “Live the life you’ve imagined” (and the first part of the quote is also good, and iconic: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.” That part is much more “Hallmark-y;” and I think it is even a slogan used (robbed) by Prudential – stock investment company? Which is ironic. Anyways, I certainly prefer the second 1/2 of that famous quote. I recently did just that! Lived the life I imagined. It was a minor instance of it, however, and so the joy was certainly transporting but also, it was transient. Perhaps my memory is just not as highly-functioning as it has been, and could be, and I wonder if that is due to drinking alcohol. I regularly have 1-2 beers a day. It has become a habit, indeed. I wonder how much of an effect it has had on my memory, and other similar brain functions. If it has, then it is certainly not worth it. I must resist having a beer every night, even if it is only one or two. At any rate, I had been wanting to try something out for a while now: I am from Sacramento, California, see – and I am a big Kings fan. I go to college here, and every once in a while I buy a ticket to the game and I attend by myself, after class. It makes this mountain kid feel like a metropolitan! But the one thing that could have been much *more* “metropolitan, was to go to a Kings game on a whim – to be walking to my car after class, and say to myself, “you know what? I wouldn’t mind going to ‘the game’ tonight,” and cruising over yonder and doing it! damnit, like Nike says. (Actually – being perfectly honest with my reader – the thing that made this scenario appealing to me, was: driving down the city street, just off of the arena, seeing those thick metal bars jutting out of the sidewalk, with the black oval top? You know what I’m talking about? Parking meters. I thought “hmmm. Now I just wonder, if I could snag one of those spots just outside of the arena [this great big gorgeous monstrosity of a building slapped down in the middle of the city], stroll up to the box office and say ‘give me your cheapest ticket, sir! One of the leftovers that nobody wanted, and you’re just about to sweep into the rubbish bin!” And make away like a sly fox. … Well, to make a long story short, reader, I did (almost) just that! 😀 It was so irresponsible of me! as I had just been to the Kings game two nights before, and I am not only not rich, I am pretty much poor. But I just got extraordinarily impulsive, spontaneous, and inspired – and I did it. (Willa Cather – or, I should say, The Kronborg – is in large part to blame; becaus I had just read her scene, in Song of the Lark, in which Thea was on the train, going home for her summer break, and, though poor, she said “damnit! I don’t car! I WILL go to the dining car!” and she sat right down and ordered herself a deluxe breakfast, and a whole pot of coffee. Was she rich? No. Was she poor? Yes! But she just, didn’t, care. – at that one moment, mind.
And so, it started with my going to the tennis courts after class; the court was taken, I couldnt play there. This got the wheels turning a little more (The Kronborg’s example, you might say, was the constant grease on the wheels); I thought, “let’s just cruise that way; don’t have to go all 15 blocks to the arena; I can get on the freeway to go home from that side of town, too.” So I headed that way; getting closer and closer, I began to feel that metropolitan spirit percolate a little more in me. Getting closer, I started to see fans, ambling along in their jerseys. I came upon the arena itself! the wonderful, silver structure, jutting out overhead. Traffic was light and moving freely. The way was wonderfully open! (Jealous, New Yorkers?) I recalled just where there were some of those black metal ovals atop the metal bars, nestled in some foliage beside a sidewalk, and I went to them. The parking spaces were open! Three of them. I thought, “they probably don’t even allow parking here. It must be disallowed on game nights.” It was all just too easy! you see. Hopped out and looked into the little window of the metal box. Everything was as usual. Inserted the card (oh how I love that they take cards,not just coins) and oh! Guess how much! … $1.68 per hour! Wonderful! I will take three hours, please. … oh. What’s this? What is this little “+” button? I can pay per 10 minutes? Ok! 2 hours 40 minutes please. And away I flew to arena two blocks yonder. The game was starting it less than 15 minutes. … Now, it’s interesting, reader, that this moment is the one I remember most. There is a small flight of stairs – just 4 or 5 – going up to a side door to one of the more beautiful downtown office buildings in Sacramento. If you ever see the Kings on TV (it is rare, sadly) and they have a helicopter camera shot of downtown, it would stand out as the nicest. (I believe it is called the Emerald Tower). It happens to be my favorite building (I am a lover of architecture). Well, while running to get to the game, and in borderline ecstasy at the spontanaeity, the inspiration of this event! I bounded up those steps, and leaped off the top of them! as this little jutting out corner of a flight of stairs was in my direct path. I surely looked like a fool, but I don’t care! “Do you hear me? I DON’T CARE!” And that gorgeous building stretching up into the sky above, as I was “living the life I imagined”? Ah! … I highly recommend it, reader. This really can be a wonderful life. [The noteworthy thing to me, is that this was a moment of “childlike” behavior, and was, at the same time, the moment that really was impressed onto my memory. you see? It is no coincidence. “You must become a child again to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” I am not saying, reader, you have to go sprinting down sidewalks, leaping off of stuff at random. But, you have to admit, everyone is so buttoned-down and proper acting these days! it is SUFFOCATINGGGGG. I am damn sick of it. It takes a lot of mental energy just to combat that, as it has become the norm to not only be that way, but to, at the same time, turn such a disgustingly judgmental eye to anyone who *isn’t* acting that way: behaving. I digress. (Oh by the way, the game itself was an awesome time! Even though they lost. And I have some interesting observations about it, too. … But that for later – IF I have any readers 🙂

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