Just A Fun Musing on Tennis Court Surfaces; in honor of the French Open

This began as a comment on a youtube video which explained the different court surfaces. I then thought it was a little absurd – to ramble so much on a short little video. So instead, I thought I would keep writing the comment, and place it here instead. If anyone would like to ramble on with me about this topic (it is kind of fun!) feel free. (To leave a comment, that is).

OK here it is :]
I wish they would play on hardwood. I guess that would be way too fast though. Unless, maybe, it was wood in its more natural state, not the factory-finished type that we see on hardwood floors in houses. If it were fibrous wood, actually, I think it could potentially be slow. And they could certainly change out the planks at the end of the annual tournament if needed.
I also think they should play at least *one* ATP tournament on carpet! (Just one? A little 250 somewheres? Maybe in Bahamas… No? 😦 … There are plenty of other potentially fun surfaces for tennis, too! How about leather?? How about porcelain? (Actually, leather sounds like it could really grab and turn some ankles). Porcelain sounds like it … is just kind of absurd. But how about iron?? 😀 For real. Why not?! I don’t think it would grab and turn ankles, like leather (I think it would do so a lot less than hardcourts, even). The main issue is probably that it is expensive. But if you only have 4 or 5 courts?? Why not? That is probably enough for a small tournament – a 32 player draw, for sure, could be done on 4 courts, or even 3, maybe 2. The other issue that comes to mind is that it would hurt to fall on it. But I think it would be less painful than hardcourts, since those are gritty and hard, while iron could be slid on, a little. Most players make sure not to fall, anyways. Lol.
But, in all seriousness, the most plausible possible surface is hardwood. I think they should do it, really. And I think they should change up the surface on one of the hardcourt Majors. Make it the US Open, even, I don’t care! It’s just really cool how the four majors are played on three surfaces. They can make it four different surfaces. it is very possible – since they already play on carpet tennis courts. Right? They would need to have the tarps on fast-deploying rollers on the side of the court, like they do at Wimbledon. No biggy.

(image credit: https://www.reddit.com/r/tennis/comments/1egssg/wood_tennis_court/) … this guy has the right idea. If I ever own a home, with a backyard, I want to build myself a “deck” tennis court like this one 😀 “How excitinggggg!”

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