Steven Stamkos Goal, Game 4 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs

I found this to be a very fascinating moment in the series for Stamkos, and for the Lightning (and for NHL hockey, in general). As usual, I am most interested in the psychological aspect of it. At 0:25 you can almost see his soul. This is the look of a proud but frightened and harassed animal. (I am not an evolutionist, but I do like to look at human psychology and behavior – *sometimes* – from the angle of raw animal-like emotion. With people there is the added element of the psyche, or, the soul. I want to say, the added element of the spirit, but animals have this too. At any rate, you see a sort of animal quality to Stamkos, and also you see it Kucherov – his fondness for his teammate and his fellow all-star comes through in the show of emotion. It somewhat reminded me of my favorite-ever animal documentary, “Eye of the Leopard,” during which Lakedema and her mother share a moment of fondness and joy after escaping a tough scrape with an enemy. (It is an utterly beautiful moment, in an excellent documentary. I highly recommend it. I have the DVD; I think it was fairly inexpensive). At any rate again – just look at the eyes of Stamkos. He has had all he can take of the frustration and the harassment – coming from both himself, and from opponents. … I digress for now. Very tired. Will come back to this later, when I have more to offer to it; but I do want to say that I was hoping the Lightning would win this game, at the very least. For Stamkos mostly. I love the guy. I have such appreciation for NHL skill players, and I especially feel frustrated, and feel the pain with and for them, when teams target them i nthe playoffs with “goon” type tactics. This post is not to complain about that – and actually, I am happy for Columbus, as a city more than anything. Gotta love those small market teams, and the cities that have a love affair with their team. (I am a Sacramento Kings fan; I know about it firsthand).

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