pre-teen boy and girl in the waves

alright. i would like now to write out one of my favorite scenes in Hawaii: the one with the tween boy and girl playing in the waves, and how she was just yearning to go and play with him, and he seemed to notice this, and wanted the same, but was a little scared of it. The lasting image I had of it was the little girl’s face as she stood in the waves and stared in to shore for answers. And the most amazing part of it for me was how i felt like i was cupid for a moment. I really did. Or like that movie, “A Life Less Ordinary,” when the two angels were charged with getting the two people together. I did have a direct influence on them, too; because I was motioning to the girl whenever she looked my way (she was really looking over towards her parents, I believe, who were sitting just to the right and behind me) to move closer to the boy (who was playing on a boogie board). And I was in such a spiritual and psychological state at that point during my vacation in Hawaii, that I had the most splendid intentions for humanity.

… I shall come back to this later. this is really just a “marker.” Hopefully I can conjure up enough of the “spirit of the moment” to represent it justly in a piece. It occurred 2 1/2 years ago. I can remember the lion’s share of the scene, but hopefully I can jog my memory for some invaluable nuances. Til next time!

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