I was wanting to write a blog entry today – something with meaning and substance in it – but I am really spinning my wheels. So, while looking through my past note entries saved on my computer (looking for a tennis match analysis, actually, being that the French Open is currently on) I found this philosophical entry which I would like to share with “you,” my reader. (I have to believe that some people will one day actually read this). It is a short note, and not very polished, but very honest. The idea potentially has a lot of logical faults; feel free to critique it if you like, but please be kind, yeah? For it is honest and from the heart, and without “design.” Without further ado, I will just copy and paste it. It is from five years ago.

I’ve noticed something in myself which is likely true for all people on this lonely planet.
I do things not always for my own happiness, but oftentimes for the approval of others: to impress others, in other words. This is not good for anyone! Don’t do things to impress others; but do what you feel is right. (A very simple, cliché principle to say the least, but it is so incredibly important; and it is fairly complex, too, I suppose, and absolutely beautiful). When you feel what is right – choose to go with it. Fight the urge to alter your behavior for the sake of others, (which is actually for the sake of yourself, because to impress others is to boost your ego). You don’t need to pad your ego if you are in line with what is good and right. And this, I believe, is what it means to be in touch with God. To reiterate the last point, which is incredibly important: you are in touch or in line with what is good and right, with what is full of love, peace, joy, etc.; with what is the spirit of life waiting to be tapped into in this world. THAT … is God. Jesus is the perfect example of someone who did this. He did it naturally. He came to show US how to do it too. That is Christianity in a nutshell, to me.


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