Larry Bird’s Response to Elbows to the Face

This is no joke. Believe you me! I know basketball is a rugged sport! (I used to be oblivious to this, until trying to “play in the low post” against my uncle, who used his elbow and fore-arm bones to block me out away from the basket. It hurt!) I know he looks like a big dorky white guy, but he’s tough, let me tell you. For all we know he had a tooth knocked out by those elbows from Laimbeer. (Whom Shaq said was the only guy he was afraid of (!!)). For all we know he swallowed the tooth – why? Why would he not throw up his hands! hold the tooth out – for the refs, and the whole arena to see – and stop play? Because he wanted to show Laimbeer up with skill? *Could* that be why?? That is utterly heroic! … Well, I suppose adrenaline took over; as well as other physiological functions mysterious to us for some reason (for I doubt that they are not right there for study – what? have scientists gone away from grounded benevolence to humanity??) which combined to sharpen his focus and get him “in the zone.”
I am reading a war novel, by Hemingway (who actually saw action, I will give him that, brother Joshua. F Scott did not. This is true. To FSF’s *eternal* credit, however, he was in boot camp, and was ready to go off and fight at the word ‘go’), and I suppose it was this which keyed me into the inner mechanisms of valor. This moment of basketball was certainly a moment – a *form* – of battle, believe you me. … Perhaps also I am merely a bit drunk. Like F Scott. My brother. *by drunk I mean buzzed – barely.

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