Evocative. That is this Song …

– its lyrics, I mean, mostly (though the music is equally so; a very a propos matching of sound and sense). “Once we were standing still in time, chasing the fantasies that filled our minds…” (Do we still do that? Or are we too busy and aggressive/assertive to “stand still in time”?) Such sad beauty as this song (is there any more affecting beauty to us? and why IS that??) merits as much if not more than anything the verse which someone affixed to it on youtube in the comments section – the verse addressed to us (to YOU, and me), from? God himself. (Through the writer, that is; take it or leave it!) … “I know the plans I have for you – plans to prosper you …” (I;m sorry but I don’t know the rest, you must google it as I would if I weren’t too lazy at the moment). I would be most remiss if I didn’t add that verse to this, for God certainly, for me, supports the “sad beauty” of this song and world, and I don’t deserve to, nor do I want to, keep that support to myself; even if I partake in drinking from the cup of “sad beauty” more than the next fellow. … This verse exhibits one tiny ray of a different type of beauty, one which is alloyed not with sadness, but with grace. Grace for our hopeless little souls.

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