Here is an interesting band. Probably “perplexing” would be a more fitting word for them than “interesting;” and interesting already isn’t the most complimentary word for a band, yes? On the cover alone you can see why: the mixture of all the connotations and possible meanings of the band’s title, the album’s title, and the picture of the sparrow all clash together, rather than harmonize. I have never liked the band’s name at all, really – especially when combined with images of the band leader standing in a field wearing a suit and a horse head, as he is wont to do. (I have no idea what he’s trying to say! Probably he has explained it in an interview, but the thing is – I don’t care what it is supposed to mean).

The album title is actually alluring to me. (Side note on the word: to me, alluring is very similar to “intriguing,” but one step above. Similar to Edmund Burke’s placement of sublime a step (or three) above picturesque). Alluring because of the connotations of the phrase “good morning,” for one: the way it gives a sense of that feeling of delicate sleepiness as we, as humans, emerge from the safe cave of our thoughts and into the bright forest sunshine of the world. Why cannot everyone amble about a little longer in that pleasant haze? Why must we jolt ourselves into action, into competition? Probably because we must always be on guard, in a way – or else someone more awake and alert will take advantage of us (not necessarily on purpose, but more likely, unconsciously – as they are simply led by their life training to take advantage of opportunities, human or not). Anyhow, the combination of that pleasantly disoriented state of sleepiness … and a spider – sitting up there in the corner – is what’s alluring to me, I think. I’m not sure why; just one of those things. You know? Perhaps it’s the contrast – a creepy spider, and a soft, warm bed, while you are in that pleasant half-dream, half-awake state. Even in that state a spider can be a little welcome – if it is in a far enough away corner. (All that being said, you know I am not sure why he titled it that. I suppose it would be interesting and worthwhile to listen to the songs – study them – and try to get a sense of it; but … I don’t care to too much. I may tuck that thought away and while listening to the songs one day, the hanging threads of the two might intertwine – like brain neurons actually do when a connection is made.

to be continued later maybe. This was actually just started as a test post, since I am out of tile space on the cover page of my blog. : / Will probably just make the tiles smaller.

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