All Aboard

It’s funny, of all the shots I took of this (I won’t tell you how many; I’m embarrassed. Justs kidding. It was only like, 32), this one was just about the very last one I took. It was somewhat of an afterthought, would be a good word for it. And it wound up being the best! Just goes to show you: don’t be afraid to take 50 shots; It’s well worth it just to get that one good one. Never mind the people staring at you in disbelief from the cafes and coffee shops, wondering if you’re retarded; or the cars honking at you to get out of the middle of the parking lot. You just get your shot, mm k? (I’m just kidding, I only took about 10. Haha). … and I just realized this is really weird next to such a beauuuuuutiful train 😀 *[a more serious post may be coming someday – I won’t say soon, but … someday]*

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