My Last Charlotte Bronte Picture

                                                  My Last Charlotte Bronte Picture

How exciting: I just read in my book here that “such and such (Mary Dixon) painted a portrait of Charlotte Bronte now in the Bronte Museum.” I thought I had seen all the images of Charlotte! But no! I had never seen this one – and it is a delight. It reminds me of the first time I began to discover the Brontes: all the joy released in my mind – like a tiny fireworks display, popping before my eyes – with each new discovery. I am sitting here with seized-up gears, wallowing in my murky, half-formed thoughts about Jane Eyre – wondering if I could ever get back to the beginning of my adventure in discovering them. It was such a fascinating world as I first set eyes upon it – and measured the wall of trees looming before me: before I was to set foot on the other side of their outward-facing edge. Such is the sense one gets upon coming to a new world of a writer’s mind. I’m sure that forest world is not any less fantastic and fascinating now – now that I have been in it for so long. (It’s not them, it’s me!) I pray – as is all any of us can do I suppose – for a wiping clean of my eyes, so that I may see their world again – in as pretty a view as it merits. They were some of the most unique geniuses of English literarature; and Charlotte was their little leader. … anyways – this is just a charming drawing and I wanted to share it. Oh, I wish I could have know her! Look at her starry-eyed gaze!  

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