“Say you will … sing your songs – forevermore”

This will be my first post inspired by a song. I initially posted it on facebook, but felt sheepish about it throughout the day, and that was sapping to my peace of mind. So it’s very worth it to move it to this quiet, hallowed cave of the internet – my blog which few know about (so far!) and almost no one knows is by me. I wrote this entry at all because of a shining moment of everyday life: I was waiting in the car listening to music (always a treat! Perhaps I’ll write a piece on that unique setting for listening to music sometime) – and this song came on; and a spirit of reverie rose like water through a quiet riverbed. The song is, “Nightshift,” by The Commodores. When I wrote “Looking at things like this,” I was referring to looking at the video for the song. The beginning seems like a vanity fest, and I surely didn’t like that, but I loved the joy with which they performed the song. Without further ado, here is the post.

Looking at things like this you can see – that not only are black people our equals (of course. I mean, I would never argue against that! But so many do, or at least *have*; so I gladly even mention it in hopes of expelling it a little further) – not only are black people our equals, but black Americans are some of the best examples of the divine ideals this country was founded on. Just think of all they have gone through; yet they didn’t bitterly seek revenge, but strove to stand on the same lofty level-ground. At some point in time (I would say around the 60’s – the Harlem Renaissance, carried by people like whom this song is in tribute to – Marvin Gaye) I believe they even exceeded that “level ground” in some ways – like hiking to another story of a house – without even realizing it; and I think perhaps “the powers that be” got jealous. Which is a travesty because, from that level above, they were not trying to “lord it over” anyone, they were just reveling in the joy of getting there. Perhaps the thinner air leads to a good feeling of light headedness, but now I am mixing metaphors. … anyways, aside from politics – and the (inevitable?) dead end human politics always leads to – I just love the song!! It came on my iPod the other day, and what a treat! I didn’t know I had *this* one. See I had found a collection of 80’s CD’s in a box in my closet and uploaded them to my iPod, and this was on them. I pictured this guy at work, on the nightshift somewhere, and during a lull Marvin streamed out of the speakers from above – and it inspired him (in a very general sense). Now here he is; singing his respect to him, and singing his reverie for the principle of inspiration! : ) … … I truly believe such a scene is the fruit of the American ideals we were founded on. I wanted to say “only in America” was such a scene a common occurrence – but I think it could play out anywhere, and hope it does. But you see, it’s the *ideals* that this country was founded on – the ones which had been distilled from Western Christian thought; pulled out of poetry and fantasy and laid down as our very foundation for reality. How *awesome!* And here is just one example of how people’s spirits flourish above that foundation. I hope people don’t forget that – how great we have it. It’s on the razor’s edge. It could so easily tip and slide down into a place from which people will look up and try to quell the pain of knowing “how great we ONCE had it.” Think twice before letting animosity go running through your veins. Oh yeah, and: #Blackhistorymonth

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